IntraOral Spray

IntraOral Spray is the most effective absorption method (90%), as is listed in the PDR (Physician Desk Reference). This user-friendly Binaca cinnamon flavor Oral Spray is great for fresh breath and therapeutic benefits.   Fast-acting non-psychoactive CBD medical cannabis delivers droplets less than 50 microns in diameter from the fast-acting atomizer, which enables the best absorption when crossing into the bloodstream and nervous system.

Highest Absorption- 90%

This new method of delivery is through the back of the jaw. It is important to note each side of the jaw has different receptors. This is a new window into treatment per condition. This pocket-friendly fresh Binaca cinnamon flavor has 480mg of CBD.

Entourage Effect

A 2015 study by Israeli researchers showed that whole plant CBD-rich cannabis “is superior over [synthetic] CBD for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. ”A review of past research into the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD (one of the two most active cannabinoids or special compounds in cannabis) revealed that administration of pure CBD in these pre-clinical studies resulted in a bell-shaped dose-response curve, meaning that CBD stopped having any therapeutic effect beyond a certain amount. The researchers wondered whether a whole plant CBD-rich extract would respond any differently. They discovered that unlike the bell-shaped dose-response curve of pure CBD, the anti-inflammatory, anti-pain response of whole plant CBD increased with dose, making the whole plant CBD ideal for clinical use.


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