Transdermal Crèam

Liposome with bark collagen

Daily Moisturizer

Discover NeuCana, a  new way to love your skin.  Leveraging the power of science for the best results! Adaptive skin care in a perfect dose. Transdermal products utilize several methods of enhancing penetration through the strantum corneum, the primary barrier of the skin.  

Your Perfect Dose

Our  transdermal face cream with liposoms is designed for maximum delivery of CBD, so you get the best desired effects. Developed in collaboration with a world-renowned Scientist, this revolutionary formulation will keep your skin hydrated. This pure collagen beauty cream tightens the skin and prevents sun damage from daily exposure.

Moisture-Rich Hydration Reveals Smooth Skin

NeuCana easy-to-use metered pump provides a consistent dose of daily moisturizer. We use a water-based extraction process for better bioavailability.