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Our goal at NeuCana is to identify and provide better methods for Cannabis consumers. As a social entrepreneur, our methods must prove to better society as a whole.  Life experiences provide an opportunity to improve our choices that shape our future.  Our culture faces many challenges, Caregivers at NeuCana provide a new perspective on traditional plant medicine for its therapeutic benefits without the high.  

Strain Specialist

Pre-Prohibition the Cannabis Industry was driven by THC products. CBD was overshadowed by the experience and effects of these potent THC products. Post-prohibition we have identified better strains and provide better methods of consumption to better society as a whole. While 20% of society consumes cannabis recreationally, We focus on the  80% of you, who can treat yourself today without the undesired effects and side effects. We share the “Entourage Effects” provided by a 20|1 CBD rich cannabis strain. 

 A medical cannabis strain ratio 20:1 CBD|THC provides all the medical benefits with the high effects. Patients may increase the daily dose of 20 parts CBD and 1 part THC without increasing the risk of getting high. This is non-habit forming, nonpsychotic, and non-tolerant plant medicine that may be recommended by caregivers as an over the counter drug. Patients report reducing pain and opioid intake by up to 50% by supplementing with CBD within a treatment plan. 

Treat yourself today....

Our team of growers, strain specialist, medical professionals and scientist working together bring decades of experience with a fresh perspective. This cooperative effort is to educate providers and caregivers on the “Entourage Effect” of whole plant medicine. We share an ethical approach to heal the human body and improve the quality of life to others.

National Opioid Epidemic

We are currently witnessing a national epidemic of prescription drug addiction and the highest overdose rate in history.. Our goal is to assist the medical community and return to a culture of trust. Strategic alliances with medical professionals, clinical study and research groups, and scientist we improve the potential of treatment using CBD for the therapeutic benefits.

Whole Plant Food & Whole Plant Medicine

The growing conditions within the Emerald Triangle of California are the best for Whole Plant Medicine. Our culture is evolving from toxic chemical manufacturing processes to a more natural approach to food resources. This paradigm shift is harnessing more efficient methods to sustain all of the human body’s energy requirements. Tax revenue also provides new evidence that we are moving away from processed food stores in search of better methods that meet our body’s needs. Learn more about how we will become more dependent on Whole Plant Medicine.

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