Holistic Health

Holistic Care experts and practitioners who follow the science are finding better long term results with Holistic Practices and natural remedies like meditation, yoga and music and energy work. They also support the body and brain health with whole plant food and Whole Flower CBD.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report stating it found no adverse effects health outcomes for CBD.

The fundamental Principals of health – diet, excessive, sleep and close relationships.

Whole Flower CBD

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – a connected system of ligand, receptors, and enzymes – is present throughout the entire body, regulating sleep, eating, mood and metabolism.  The body identifies cannabinoids as natural signaling molecules

We are here to connect you with safe products and people you can trust. Holistic Nurse Practitioners understand cannabinoids and are here to guide you.Learn more @ https://www.cannabisnursesnetwork.com/

1) Activty engaged with patients to improve each treatment plan.

2) Recommend & track each dosing as per the Physician Desk Reference.

3) CBD in a medical device is a natural addition to a practitioners medical bag.

Nurse Network

We are a group of cannabis leaders in providing safe and quality products to the healthcare industry and holistic caregivers. Nurses are the most trusted professionals. Together, we are unlocking what we know by following the science. Whole Flower CBD is a Holistic Natural Remedy for the body and mindset. We aim to implement an acceptable and ethical business culture to benefit the patient. Recommending an easy-to-use products to holistic practitioners is fundamental to the standardization process.

We are currently witness to a National Opiod epidemic, the President has declared a State of Emergency due to the number of  Patients overdosing on sleep medications, antidepressants, and opioids in addition to street drugs.

Medical Cannabis Nurses Navigate the Right Choices for You!

We can guide you to the safe dosing delivery available in quality medication choices to improve your odds of success and shorten your experimentation period. Learn how to find your optimum dose for your condition.