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Whole Flower CBD Formulations

NeuCana’s concentrated Artisan Whole Flower CBD Medical Cannabis in easy-to-use metered dosing allows anyone, anywhere to benefit from the unique medical compound.

Delivers on Contact & Leaves Fresh Breath  

NeuCana’s Oral Spray is proven to activate the endocannabinoid system with the highest absorption method.  Customize your dose with our user-friendly metered dosing. Our Whole Plant CBD Medical Cannabis is combined with the popular Binanca flavor to offer great tasting fresh breath.





Solvent Free - Artisan Water 


NeuCana’s solvent free artisan water processing method delivers the most efficient dose of pure Whole Plant CBD Medical Cannabis into the body for a consistent response to help with sleep, alleviate pain, and increase energy.



California Medical Cannabis

As caregivers, we provide Artisan Whole Flower CBD Medical Cannabis in user-friendly products. As our culture improves efficiency, we become more dependent on the planets most abundant elements, the sun’s light energy, artisan water, and whole plant food or medicine. Supporting nature with science NeuCana’s easy-to-use products improve each other’s life’s with Whole Plant CBD Medicine Cannabis formulations.






New - Calculate your Daily Dose

Dosing is the giving of an exact portion. Improving health and happiness with plant medicine is best with a safe and consistent response. Patients may also use the recommended daily dose to calculate the daily cost.

FDA Approved Lab

Medical professionals approve this medical delivery made in an FDA approved lab. NeuCana (20:1) non-tolerant formulations are under the psychoactive threshold of 3%.

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CBD Oral Spray

NeuCana user-friendly CBD in Oral Spray provides fresh breath with every dose. Patients report CBD reduces anxiety and seizures with this easy-to-use delivery method. Clinical studies confirm Oral Spray provides the highest absorption PDR (Physician Desk Reference)

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CBD Skin Care

NeuCana transdermal delivery offers sun-damaged skin recovery and protection. Our liposomal CBD formulations provide high-quality ingredients (including collagen and hyaluronic acid) for daily use to rejuvenate and hydrate the cellular membrane.

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CBD for Pain

CBD has been shown to lower inflammation, by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines that can cause allergies, hypersensitivities, and autoimmunity.

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Companion Oral Pet Spray

NeuCana dog-friendly CBD in Oral Spray lowers inflammation, reduces anxiety and seizures, with this easy-to-use delivery method.

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