Treat Yourself Today… CBD Oral Spray

Modify  Your Daily Dose  

NeuCana’s hand crafted Whole Flower CBD is processed in natural artisan water. New easy-to-use CBD Oral Spray delivers a metered dose allowing anyone, anywhere to benefit from the unique therapeutic compound.



Delivers on Contact & Leaves Fresh Breath  

NeuCana’s Oral Spray is proven to activate the endocannabinoid system with the highest absorption method.  Customize your dose with our user-friendly metered dosing. Our Whole Plant CBD Medical Cannabis is combined with the popular Binaca flavor to offer great tasting fresh breath.





Highest Absorption - Over 90% 

NeuCana’s 20:1 CBD – rich concentrated Whole Flower Medical

Per the Physicians Desk Reference

Cannabis in an easy-to-use Oral Spray allows caregivers to recommend a metered dose. Clinical studies confirm Oral Spray provides the highest absorption, as stated in the PDR (Physician Desk Reference).





Solvent Free - Artisan Water 

NeuCana’s solvent free artisan water processing method delivers the most efficient dose of pure Whole Plant CBD Medical Cannabis into the body for a consistent response to help with sleep, alleviate pain, and increase energy.


NeuCana products utilize a water extraction process that yields a water fluid…not an oil. As you may know, the body is composed mostly of water, and oil/water do not mix well. Hence, another reason NeuCana offers great absorption.


Cannabis Nurses Network

We have partnered with a global network of registered nurses who include Endocannabinoid System health, and implement cannabinoid therapeutics to support our patients journey to holistic balance.

Empowering nurses through education, opportunity, recognition, & advocacy.

They provide continuing education courses and empower our nurses with ongoing professional development opportunities. The education programs include endocannabinoid system science and care, cannabinoid therapeutics, lifespan and diagnosis considerations, and holistic nursing approaches.

February 28 – March 2, 2019 | San Diego, California

Learn about cannabis science, research, and clinical applications related to the human endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid therapeutics from world-class experts.

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New - Calculate your Daily Dose

Metered dosing is the giving of an exact portion. Improving health and happiness with plant medicine is best with a safe and consistent response. Patients may also use the recommended daily dose to calculate the daily cost for their treatment plan.






FDA Approved Lab

Medical professionals recommend this medical delivery, made in our FDA approved lab. NeuCana (20:1 CBD) non-tolerant formulations are under the THC psychoactive threshold of 3%.

NeuCana products offer Medical Cannabis in a metered dose. This enables the medicine to remove inflammation and reduce pain with the best method for a safe and consistent response. Patients may also use the recommended daily dose to calculate the cost of their treatment plan.

Pain Relief
Lowers Anxiety


Why use CBD Formulations?


CBD has been shown to help with numerous health conditions by activating the endocannabinoid system. This helps lower inflammation, by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines that can cause allergies, hypersensitivities, and autoimmunity.

We provide a variety of consumption methods. Each dose of California sun-grown cannabis flower provides a user-friendly delivery.  The ratio of CBD to THC is 20:1, non- psychoactive and triple-tested for purity.


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CBD Oral Spray

CBD in Oral Spray provides a fresh breath flavor in each dose. Patients report CBD reduces anxiety and seizures with this easy-to-use delivery method.

Oral Spray is Fast Acting (15-20 seconds) benefits may last 1-2 hrs. The oral mucosal cavity offers an attractive route of administration for systemic drug delivery. The mucosa has a rich blood supply and it is permeable.

Directions: Spray each 2mg dose onto the inside of each cheek.

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Companion Oral Pet Spray

NeuCana dog-friendly CBD in Oral Spray lowers inflammation, reduces anxiety and seizures, with this easy-to-use delivery method.

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